Casino bonus – Free money when you play casino

Most online casinos offer either a specific amount of money you can use to try their games. There are rules and regulations that apply before you can take any winnings out when using the free money. The majority of the time, you have to spend at least three or four times the amount given before you are given your winnings.

Other casinos will provide free spins so you can try out various slots or,in some cases, the free spins may only be for one or a handful of slots. The same goes for the free spins, there are different rules as to how much you must play before you can receive your winnings.

Casino Reward Card Bonus

If you join the casino and play enough of the various games, you will be considered a VIP and will start earning points for the games you play whether you play slots or table games like poker, roulette, Texas Hold ’em or others. The points can add up quickly and you can receive such things as free spins or even casino items from their shop. It is according to each casino as to how they deal out their points and what you can get for using your points.

Casino Bonuses on slots

Bonuses equal big bucks. Different games offer different bonuses, and its up to you what bonuses are most appealing to you. Some give out free spins and if you are using your own money, you can just watch the winnings rack up as the reels spin. According to the slot machine, there may be more than one type of bonus offered. Some when you hit a certain combination, have another wheel or display at the top that will spin around and let you have the opportunity to win double or more each time a certain symbol shows up on your game.

So, if you won seven free spins and the symbol shows up you will win the amount that the display at the top gave you such as times 3. So, if you were playing a slot machine and the amount you were playing per spin was $1, every time that symbol appeared you would win $3 along with all the other ways of winning using various symbols.


There are so many different casinos online all offering a variety of different type of bonus that it would be very easy to find a favorite casino with an awesome offer where you could really win big and have fun at the same time. Just remember, to read the terms and conditions if you are using free money or free spins if you want to collect your winnings. Also ensure that the casino is licensed and is a secure setting for your money and personal info.