Free spins – Win money with free spins

Contrary to popular opinion, you can’t obtain free spins without placing a bet – no matter how little, at least 99.9 percent of the time. There are two main ways a gamer can score free spins and each requires some sort of investment. One is by making use of the free spins promo, if any, in the particular game they’re interested in. The other is to unlock or trigger the free spins feature which usually occurs when a player lands a minimum of three scatter symbols across the reels.

Trigger the free spins feature during the gameplay

Activating the free spins bonus features is one of the most appreciated features for any slot game as it can potentially make a player land winning combinations that can take him all the way to the bonus amount – the ultimate goal for playing any slot. To activate this feature, you need to okay a game with a free spins bonus round and more than that, you’ll have to place a bet amount. The free demo game will usually not make you land this feature.

How to redeem a free spins promo

A player can possibly redeem a promo that awards gamers with free spins in a game, but 99 times out of 100 this will require the gamer to make some kind of investment before going ahead with the redemption. Some of the most common ways to get free spins from promos include:

Slot competitions

Leaderboard competitions in a game can award players free spins. One, however, has to follow all the rules of the competition in order to go up in the leaderboard. This in most cases will prompt a player to place a wager on specific games. The one who wins the most or who wagers the highest amount gets the highest number of points.

Deposit bonuses

In so many cases, free spins are hidden in deposit bonuses. The first deposit may yield up to a one hundred percent bonus in addition to 50 free spins on a specific slot especially the one being promoted by a casino. In certain games, the players may have to play out the deposit amount before they can activate the free spins.

Email promos

Some promotions don’t appear on the game’s website. Instead, the game’s promoter may send direct email promotions to loyal players who wager on a frequent basis. Such promos usually include free spins that do not call for any further wagering especially due to their exclusivity.

As such, players are advised to wager every time they are playing a slot, even if it means placing the minimum bet. Free spins can turn your game around and help land some amazing wins: so always be on the lookout!